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This week we present you Tammet and Michael Qvarnström, whom we managed to get hold of in the midst of busy preparations for FinnBuild 2018 fair, Tammet already having received the FinnBuild Highlights honorable mention. Read more below!

Who are you?
Sales manager Michael Qvarnström, responsible for Tammet sales mainly at the southern Finland. I am also responsible for export.

What is your company specialized in?
We are manufacturer and producer of metal mesh and metal mesh products. The company was founded in 1946 and we have ever since constantly developed and expanded our business.

Tell us about your clients?
Our clients are different kind of industries like building industry, metal industry, food industry, wood processing industry, marine and automobile industry and mining industry. Our clients are situated in Finland and abroad.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
Our core products are metal mesh products and gratings. For marine industry we offer for example step blocks, maintenance and walking bridges. Our products are highly competitive in weight, and our offering provides also solutions for construction site safety for marine industry.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
In YardMate network we are looking for mutually beneficial co-operation with partners from heavy industry.

What are your future needs regarding partners?
We are looking for clients and partners who are using metal mesh products and gratings in their businesses.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
YardMate network concept is at the heart of the matter, for Finland needs to grow the palette of companies who work in and for the marine industry. The network covers a wide area of service providers, one’s own industry defining what segment your own offering is for.

And so it is, Tammet being one of our network companies with an excellent, innovative offering for both marine and other industries. We look forward to hearing if Tammet element unloading rack, with FinnBuild Highlights honorable mention, will be selected as “the Highlight of the Highlights” this week at FinnBuild Awards Party, Messukeskus Helsinki! For more information on Tammet’s offering, please contact Michael at +358 405 875 152.

Photos by Tammet and Annika Perho

RMC at YardMate meetup

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YardMate member network meets face-to-face, to facilitate business! Jukka-Pekka Ilola, Vice President Sourcing at Rauma Marine Constructions, was our October keynote speaker.

We heard about RMC’s organization, the expectations of the partner network, and RMC’s future needs.

The member company offering and what the network could provide for each other naturally interested us all.

We talked about member deals and YardMate team went through the company’s latest. Thank you, Jukka-Pekka, thanks again Manu Events for the meetup venue, and thanks to all the attendees! YardMate wishes everyone flourishing business!

Photos by YardMate

#AlihankintaHEAT – you cannot outsource your thinking!

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Cooperation and joint special knowledge are the keys to respond to the market needs. Break the barriers and work together! This is possible through one easily accessible channel. This was YardMate CEO Kari Härkönen’s message to AlihankintaHEAT audience, in his presentation on SME collaboration.

The presentation continued directly with a lively panel discussion on digitalization, industry disruption and innovation. The panel was moderated by RAG – Rapid Action Group Oy, with participants Harri Jaskari from the National Coalition Party, Olli Tannerkoski from Tannerkoski Capital Oy, Paula Kuusipalo-Määttä from VR Group, and YardMate CEO Kari Härkönen. The idea of RAG was for the panelists to rapidly react to the topics in question – they didn’t know each other’s questions in advance.

Here are some ideas Kari challenged the co-panelists with: An increasing amount of (the so-called Big) data burdens our globe. Problems might be solved, but from an incomprehensible amount of data the right one is extra challenging to find. You need to know how to search. You cannot outsource your thinking to Google!
What do you think?

Photos by Ismo Karjalainen


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Meet our member FCR Finland, a marine industry turnkey provider with a strong focus on R&D. This interview was held at Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki, for some of the latest FCR innovations were on display at Joki’s exhibition area!

Who are you?
Ari Nousiainen, I´m working in FCR Finland as R&D manager.

What is your company specialized in?
Our company is originally specialized in cruise ships refurbishment business but nowadays we also have projects in newbuildings. We are a turnkey supplier in cruise ships both for public areas and cabin areas. In R&D which I lead at FCR, we concentrate on supporting our basic business by doing new products and solutions to building process. Also new products to launch to shipbuilding markets and new business creation possibilities to FCR are in my focus.

Tell us about your clients and other key shareholders or partners?
Our refurbishment project customers are the largest cruise ship owners in the world, such as Carnival, RCCL and NCL. In newbuildings we currently have projects to Turku shipyard. If we talk about products that our R&D is launching, we use them by ourselves to get competitive advantage and in selected cases to advance getting new business. Typically, our new products are used in shipbuilding by the owners, shipyards or network companies.

Our focus in R&D is to improve the cost competitiveness, modularisation, energy efficiency and sustainability of our products. This year we have launched some new products and there is still a number of products coming that support those values and I hope these products and solutions reach also wider scope in marine industry.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
In general we do turnkey projects “from steel to steel” but when we talk about our R&D developed products we have products and solutions to interior works and cabin area solutions. We are IMO classified and have launched e.g. a ceramic coating product that can be used for covering and to protect tile and steel/aluminium surfaces with any RAL colour or transparent coating. Our product is called CerCo and it gives durable and strong surface with high wear and chemical resistance.

Another new product is a new type of wet unit floor concept. It is durable and lightweight, up to 68 % lighter than some competitors’ equivalent in market. With this concept it should also be noted that it is a fully waterproof structure with good insulation and sustainability values. I´m proud to say that with our building method we are using even 50 % recycled materials of total weight and recyclability of the new product is even 80 %. These values are more than four times better than the known competitors’ values.

In the near future we shall bring out a fire classified light-weight panel construction where the weight is minimum 30 % lighter than the competitors’ equivalent, 100 % waterproof, made at least 70 % of recycled materials and recyclability up to 90 %.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
We hope that YardMate concept will help us introduce our new products and connect us to potential customers and of course support the growth of Finnish maritime business.

What are your future needs regarding personnel?
Today we are desperately seeking skilled project managers and also persons who have a good motivation to work in challenging cruise ships building works. Hopefully in the near future we have capability to start supporting our new products to market and there we need both sellers and also skilled specialists to do and implement our new products to our future customers’ use.

b) And regarding sub-contractors and partners?
We continuously try to implement new ways of working together to collaborate with companies in our network and we welcome new partners to participate in the FCR way of working.

If you are interested in new product R&D, please contact For FCR ongoing activities and recruiting possibilities, please contact

Anything else you wish to say to us?
I see that YardMate is an opportunity to Finnish shipbuilding companies to collaborate in a network and also to get new contacts in business. I wish YardMate will have great success and together we finally get Finnish shipbuilding companies to work together, not to compete with each other. Cruise ship newbuilding and refurbishment markets are in a historical market demand. Business is growing so rapidly that we should combine our forces to get the “Finnish share” from markets. We should start to collaborate and also push our political and governmental members and other authorities to support Finnish maritime industry. Maritime industry could really be the missed new Nokia if we combined our national forces at all levels.

And what can I say to Ari’s closing remark but that I totally agree!

Photos by FCR Finland and Annika Perho

Lisää Alihankintaa!

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Alihankinta-messut 25.-27.9. on Suomen teollisuuden vuoden tapahtuma.  Kaikki 1000 näytteilleasettajapaikkaa on myyty loppuun. YardMate-verkosto on messuilla mukana ratkaisemassa tuottavuuden haasteita.

YardMate-verkoston näytteilleasettajat

Enersense International Oyj, osasto C 740. Rakennus- ja huoltohankkeiden optimointi
Oy Kaha Ab, osasto C 923. Ajoneuvoteollisuus / teknisen tukkukaupan maahantuonti
NaMe Metal Oy, osasto E 1020. Ohutlevyosien valmistus
SimFors Oy, osasto A 735. Koneistus ja kokoonpano
Steerprop Ltd. Laivojen potkurilaitteet. Päämiehenä Hallaworks Oy:n osastolla C 821
Tammet Oy, osasto A 1009. Metalliverkkotuotteet ja metalliritilät
VPS Henkilöstöpalvelu Oy, osasto A 404. Henkilöstövuokraus, rekrytointi ja ulkoistamispalvelut

Tee sujuvasti perinteistä tai innovoi uutta. Verkostossa volyymia, kaikupohjaa ideoille, erikoisalojen tietämystä ja toteutuskumppaneita löytyy muista aktiivisista jäsenistä. Katso verkostomme TÄÄLTÄ.

Käy osastoilla, kysy ja haasta. Tai ota koppi sinulle heitetystä haasteesta!

Teollisuusyritykset ja startupit verkostoituvat AlihankintaHEAT-tapahtumassa, jonka kumppani YardMate on. Ke 26.9. klo 12.40–12.55 YardMaten tj. Kari Härkönen puhuu Heat Stagella PK-yritysten tehokkaasta alihankinnasta, jonka jälkeen hän liittyy paneelikeskusteluun aiheesta digitalisaatio, teollisuuden murros ja innovaatiot.

Katso AlihankintaHEAT-ohjelma täältä.

Antoisaa messua ja menestystä bisnekseen!

Palokka uutisoi – uudenlaista ajattelua alihankintamessuilla

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Alihankintamessut kokoavat koko Suomen teollisuuden Tuottavuus-teeman ympärille. Startupien ja teollisuusyritysten
AlihankintaHEAT-tapahtumassa YardMaten toimitusjohtaja Kari Härkösen puheenvuoron teemana 26.9. on PK-yritysten yhteistyö ja alihankinnan tehokkuus. Tämän jälkeen siirrytään paneelikeskusteluun aiheesta digitalisaatio, teollisuuden murros ja innovaatiot.

Jyväskylän alueen Palokka-lehti 13.9.2018

Viking Line and YardMate start collaboration discussions

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YardMate, with its network member Sims Pump Valve Company, has opened discussions with Viking Line Abp, a public limited company and a market-leading brand in passenger traffic on the northern Baltic Sea.

Sims Pump Valve Company is a manufacturer of Simsite structural composite Impellers and Rings for centrifugal pumps and producer of Simsite structural composite pumps. YardMate is a shipbuilding consortium that supports shipbuilders, shipyards and marine subcontractors in their operations.

The three companies met at Viking Line headquarters in Mariehamn, Åland. Viking Line was represented by Senior Vice President Ulf Hagström, Superintendent, Engine LNG Kenneth Johansson and Technical Fleet Manager, Marine Operations Joacim Westerlund. The Sims representatives, President John Kozel and Project Manager Vladimir Agapitov flew to the meeting from New Jersey, U.S. YardMate was represented by CEO Kari Härkönen, the company founder and co-owner. The foundation for successful continuing discussions has been laid!

Photos by Kari Härkönen

Turku marine boom expands to Central Finland

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YardMate CEO Kari Härkönen wants Central Finland to join the marine industry boom! Resources are needed way beyond what Turku area can provide.

Read full article (in Finnish) by Keskisuomalainen, click the image:

Images by Keskisuomalainen

For companies interested in getting into marine business, please contact YardMate Manager Annika Perho, tel. 040 831 1130


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Does your company need IT infrastructure that supports your operations the best possible way? Do you know how the latest high-tech could help you? Meet our member PC Pinus, who have just moved from a three-storey-office to a new one-storey building with superbly designed office space, for functionality and ergonomics are part of their expertise, too.

Who are you?
Joakim Paajanen, Key Account Manager, PC Pinus Oy. I am responsible for IT-solutions, computers and peripheral equipment.
Lasse Rähmönen, Key Account Manager, PC Pinus Oy. I am responsible for ergonomics and office equipment.

What is your company specialized in?
PC Pinus is a strategic partner for small and medium sized companies. We provide our clients with workstations, network solutions, servers and overall IT-infrastructure development services. We are also ready to take responsibility for company’s IT-infrastructure if they are willing to outsource it. We have also good connections to our partners so we can offer everything that you need at your office, from ballpoint-pens to adjustable electricity boards.

Tell us about your clients and partners?
PC Pinus has large and medium-sized customers from manufacturing industry. In manufacturing industry we have customers where we are responsible for their whole IT-infrastructure and we also provide their IT-equipment. We take care for their IT-equipment from start to end of equipment lifecycle.

We already provide IT infrastructure for Alfons Håkans, Langh Ship and ship design companies such as YardMate member Deltamarin, and negotiate with shipyards. We are in process of growing our marine customer base.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
We offer our customers possibility to outsource their whole IT-infrastructure to us. We ensure your IT systems are working and we will develop the systems together so both parties have a clear understanding on what is going on. You can also order computers, monitors, servers, adjustable boards and other ergonomic products via us.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
We expect to learn from other companies in YardMate network and maritime industry. Our goal is to meet different companies and their personnel at different YardMate meetings. PC Pinus’ personnel see the importance of networking with other companies’ personnel. We are also available to new business opportunities and we are looking for strategic partners to cooperate with.

We already co-operate with YardMate members for example in our accommodation and resourcing needs. We wish to really understand how the network companies operate and how we could help them with our top technology and services, so they could concentrate on their key offering and get measurable benefits from working with us.

What are your future needs regarding personnel?
We are always ready to interview professional people, especially system specialists. System specialists can also take part to development work. At the moment PC Pinus employs approximately 35 people.

And regarding subcontractors and partners?
PC Pinus wishes to find strategic partners who are interested in doing business that benefits both parties. We can focus on our core business and help develop IT and give optimal ideas on device usage. Our strategic partners bring added value both to us and our end-customers.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
PC Pinus Oy is a family-owned company with good financial solidity. We also do business outside Finland, especially in the Baltic area.

This interview was an eye-opener. Challenge Pinus! What competitive edge can they offer your business? Implementing their tools, processes and services to your business can support your core offering in ways you might not even understand yet. To find out more, please contact Business Manager Mika Suurkaulio at

Photos by Annika Perho


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Marine industry is highly regulated and collaborates closely with companies providing tax and legal services. Meet our member KPMG with their wide service palette, and Tuuli Kangasaho, with a shipping operator work history and whose Maritime Law degree is obtainable only from a handful of universities world-wide.

Who are you?
I am Tuuli Kangasaho, Legal Counsel at KPMG. I am specialized in domestic and international contract law, maritime law and dispute resolution. Everything that relates to shipping and ship construction, is my passion! Prior to KPMG, I used to work for a Finnish shipping company. I have graduated from University of Helsinki and I have LL.M in Maritime Law degree also from University of Singapore. I have now worked almost ten years within the shipping and ship building industry. I have two daughters, age of 2 and 4 and they keep me busy on my free time. I enjoy jogging in autumnal weather and I love good red wine!

What is your company specialized in?
KPMG provides Audit, Tax&Legal and Advisory services. We provide local knowledge and also have a great network of KPMG companies providing various international services. Our employees are usually focused on a certain industry, for example we have expert teams for construction, banking, consumer & retail, etc. This ensures that our people are familiar with the special characteristics of the client’s business environment. I think we are also forerunners in many new technologies, inventions and hot topics in the market.

Tell us about your clients and other keyholders or partners?
Our clients include business corporations, governments and public sector agencies and not-for-profit organizations. I think our clients expect us to be proactive advisors, bring some new innovations to them and to be truly interested in the business they are operating. Even though the KPMG network is an international network of KPMG firms, KPMG Oy is a Finnish limited liability company, owned by our Finnish partners, who also work for the company as advisors. Thus, also our partners participate in the client-work as any of our employee.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
We offer full range of our services and we have strong industry insight. To highlight something especially for YardMate members, we have strong knowledge of maritime and shipping-related taxation, and we can provide legal expertise in the field of maritime industry. We have several audit clients within the shipbuilding industry and thus, we are familiar also with the economic environment of the industry.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
New contacts, get to know people and also bring something useful for the network.

What are your future needs?
I am always ready for discussions relating to the shipping and shipbuilding industry but I also just like to mingle and exchange thoughts of other subjects, for example about all the interesting businesses we have in YardMate.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
Nice to meet you all!

It was great to meet you Tuuli! A marine themed day for you; meeting with a marine industry customer, lunch interview by YardMate, after which the afternoon with local shipbuilding industry. A great example of the impact of marine industry on other lines of business in Southwest Finland!

Photos by Annika Perho