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Does your company need IT infrastructure that supports your operations the best possible way? Do you know how the latest high-tech could help you? Meet our member PC Pinus, who have just moved from a three-storey-office to a new one-storey building with superbly designed office space, for functionality and ergonomics are part of their expertise, too.

Who are you?
Joakim Paajanen, Key Account Manager, PC Pinus Oy. I am responsible for IT-solutions, computers and peripheral equipment.
Lasse Rähmönen, Key Account Manager, PC Pinus Oy. I am responsible for ergonomics and office equipment.

What is your company specialized in?
PC Pinus is a strategic partner for small and medium sized companies. We provide our clients with workstations, network solutions, servers and overall IT-infrastructure development services. We are also ready to take responsibility for company’s IT-infrastructure if they are willing to outsource it. We have also good connections to our partners so we can offer everything that you need at your office, from ballpoint-pens to adjustable electricity boards.

Tell us about your clients and partners?
PC Pinus has large and medium-sized customers from manufacturing industry. In manufacturing industry we have customers where we are responsible for their whole IT-infrastructure and we also provide their IT-equipment. We take care for their IT-equipment from start to end of equipment lifecycle.

We already provide IT infrastructure for Alfons Håkans, Langh Ship and ship design companies such as YardMate member Deltamarin, and negotiate with shipyards. We are in process of growing our marine customer base.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
We offer our customers possibility to outsource their whole IT-infrastructure to us. We ensure your IT systems are working and we will develop the systems together so both parties have a clear understanding on what is going on. You can also order computers, monitors, servers, adjustable boards and other ergonomic products via us.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
We expect to learn from other companies in YardMate network and maritime industry. Our goal is to meet different companies and their personnel at different YardMate meetings. PC Pinus’ personnel see the importance of networking with other companies’ personnel. We are also available to new business opportunities and we are looking for strategic partners to cooperate with.

We already co-operate with YardMate members for example in our accommodation and resourcing needs. We wish to really understand how the network companies operate and how we could help them with our top technology and services, so they could concentrate on their key offering and get measurable benefits from working with us.

What are your future needs regarding personnel?
We are always ready to interview professional people, especially system specialists. System specialists can also take part to development work. At the moment PC Pinus employs approximately 35 people.

And regarding subcontractors and partners?
PC Pinus wishes to find strategic partners who are interested in doing business that benefits both parties. We can focus on our core business and help develop IT and give optimal ideas on device usage. Our strategic partners bring added value both to us and our end-customers.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
PC Pinus Oy is a family-owned company with good financial solidity. We also do business outside Finland, especially in the Baltic area.

This interview was an eye-opener. Challenge Pinus! What competitive edge can they offer your business? Implementing their tools, processes and services to your business can support your core offering in ways you might not even understand yet. To find out more, please contact Business Manager Mika Suurkaulio at

Photos by Annika Perho