• Key competence: Ecomation solves the environmental problems of the clients. Our solutions turns waste to value.
  • Products: Treatment solutions for recycling waste materials as plastics, rubber, bio-materials and consulting.
  • Personnel: 5-10
  • Turnover (M€): 0.6-2
Short introduction
Ecomation has a perfect solution for environmentally sound production of fuel oil gas and carbon products from waste materials like plastic, rubber, biomaterials or even electric and electronic waste, replacing imported fossil fuels. Our solution has the best energy efficiency and best viability offering the provision of business for W2E solutions and recovery of important raw materials that can re-enter to the circular economy. We offer also consulting services in the field.
Our technology is overwhelming in many ways. Especially by its energy efficiency, environmental and human safeness, level of automation, maintenance etc.
Company info
Salorankatu 6
24240 Salo