Finno Exergy Oy

  • Key competence: Knowhow from advanced combustion systems
  • Products: - Pressure Gain Combustion for gas turbines - Design, modeling and simulations
  • Personnel: <5 (5 person in 2019)
  • Turnover (M€): 0-0.5
Short introduction
Finno Exergy Oy was founded in 2013 by Timo Erämaa and Heikki J Salminen. They spotted an opportunity for a technology that enable step change to higher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions in a gas turbine. The technology is called "Pressure Gain Combustion" and it is based on principles of fundamental thermodynamics. The advantages of PGC has been acknowledged for decades but without any working solution that can produce actual pressure gain. Finno Exergy is the only organization that has proven significant amount of pressure gain and for that reason is the world leader of this technology.

See how Finno Exergy can decrease -20% fuel consumption and CO2 emission: Finno Exergy's video
Company info
Särkiniementie 5 C21
00210 Helsinki