LMI Finland - Vivacon Oy

  • Key competence: Business Coaching - individual and team coaching
  • Products: 4 leadership programmes: 6-8 months coaching with program and listening audio + Disc-analysis
  • Personnel: <5 (1)
  • Turnover (M€): 0-0.5 (40 000e)
  • References: Check www.lmi.fi
Short introduction
LMI has co-operated with companies for 50 years worldwide and in Finland for 30 years to develop time management, productivity, sales, profit and leadership skills. Long-lasting process with unique programmes are bringing results - ROI can be as high as 35 times. We can not do it on our own, we need motivated leaders to be 100% in the process of learning. If you want change, you have to start with yourself. What ever it is that you want to reach, you just have to believe in it and work hard for it. Can you afford to give up on your goals and dreams?
Company info
Kopenkatu 1 A 2, 21100 Naantali