Oma Asiakaspalvelu OY / Starshot Software

  • Key competence: Customer Service, Sales and Software Outsourcing in one package! Outsourcing for champions!
  • Products: Software Development and business Outsourcing
  • Personnel: 5-10 (6)
  • Turnover (M€): 0-0.5 (473 000 in 2017)
Short introduction
The World Is Changing Rapidly.
* Digital disruption is creating massive new opportunities.
* People's preferences are changing how we engage in technology.
* Entire industries are being reimagined.
* This change is happening everywhere.
Embrace the exciting possibilities that go with the change.
You must be able to adapt to take advantage of opportunities.
Speed and agility are critical.

We Don't Just Build
Software Solutions
We Create Opportunities for You.
Company info
Mikonkatu 17B
00100 Helsinki