Ablemans Ltd.

Ablemans Ltd. was established in 1987. Our documented operative system comprises Quality – Environment – Industrial safety – Welding. Our operations concentrate on two areas that we conduct in co-operation with our partner network. The network enables the availability of competent and sufficient capacity. Our main activities are: Sections and hull constructions for shipbuilding – Steel constructions and engineering productions

We produce steel and aluminum structures for new-built ships, sections, ship hull assembly, professional and prompt production and the installation of equipment and devices. Our extensive experience and expertise also extend to ship repairs.

We are also specialized in engineered products – weldable – produced either in our own facilities or the facilities of our clients, as well as in steel frames and other metal components for the construction industry, including production and installation, and also in production and installation of metal structures and piping for energy and environmental technology.

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Ablemans LCS Ltd

Ablemans Lifecycle Services LCS provides end-to-end ship-specific lifecycle services. Our strength lies in a deep knowledge in shipbuilding, in new-build construction, conversion, and retrofit dry dockings.

Lifecycle service plans are prepared in co-operation with ship owners. A ship specific lifecycle service plan with documents, measurements and reports are stored in Ablemans LCS project and document system. Regular condition monitoring, recording and reporting is done according the ship specific lifecycle-plan. Our network consists of shipbuilding professionals and senior engineers. Project execution during operation or dry docking according customer specification.

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