How to become a YardMate?

Do you have products or services to industry such as marine field (cruise lines, shipyards and their turn-key contractors), aviation companies, or other fields of industry? Or do you want to offer services to our own member companies? Check out our members and join us if you feel you have the needed services, products, tools or resources what it takes to solve challenges of the industry. Our current member companies ⇒ Members

Member benefits

Benefits below belong to all members (Marketing fee):

  • Visibility on the YardMate website
  • Marketing activities to boost member company visibility
  • Member meetings on an as-needed basis
  • Motivating provision agreement to increase your sales!
  • You can publish News at the YardMate front page (1 included in member fee)
  • You can announce jobs at the YardMate job portal (1 included in member fee)
  • 50% Discount from seminar facilities of 225 seats, lobby, restaurant/pub, wireless mics and giant screen (movie theater). Location: Hyvinkää, only 30 minutes from Ring III, Helsinki
  • Benefits and discounts from other members
  • YardMate ‘Office’ staff at your service see ⇒ YardMate Office contacts Contact us for any question you may have!

Basic Membership (in addition to benefits for all members):

  • Direct contacts to decision makers of other members
  • Request For Quotation portal (RFQ): Access for leaving quotes to customer assignments
  • Intranet (internal information channel and provision based RFQ-portal)

Full Membership (in addition to benefits for all members and Basic Membership:

  • Product material support: Full-scale evaluation for your product/service. Hands-on support for creating product material. Members holding key solutions needed in the industry will be given possibility to meet and present material to decision makers (Full membership).



Select Apply for membership button above. An application form opens. The company information you fill in will be evaluted first. Once accepted as a member your information shall be used for the following purposes:

  • general company information will appear on your profile page, and
  • personal contact information is for YardMate members’ confidential use

The 12-month membership fee, based on the level of service, is

  • 175 € + VAT, Marketing fee
  • 740 € + VAT, Basic membership
  • 1470 € + VAT, Full membership

Once you have submitted your application we shall process it and will be in contact with you.