Our aim is to find suitable assignment for every job seeker. One of the key issues to successful job contract is to find work tasks that fit to employee’s motivation, skills and ability to learn – those are even more important than the past experience. We also think that good work place supports employees on their way to deepen their expertise.

As a job seeker you have access to several open jobs in yard and in YardMate member companies. We have both permanent positions and fixed term project assignments available.

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It is essential to make hiring company to understand job candidate’s skills and potential in detail. Thus the application and CV needs to be prepared very carefully – also those who are not experts on the field should understand the relevant information from the documents. Please follow carefully the process before sending an application:

  • Answer to each requirement separately.
  • Tell what experience and skills you have per requested subject (e.g. technology, tool or programming language)
  • If you don’t have experience of some requested subject, tell that as well (but if you are familiar with it based on your own research, you can mention it).
  • Do not write long essays!
  • Tell your salary request!
  • Make sure all the tools and technologies mentioned in your application can be found in your CV’s work history as well.
  • Check the language for all the material!

After you commented each requested criteria, you can write a short free introduction of yourself and about your motivation.