Artwave Surf Ltd.

Artwave Surf™ is a patented technology for creating surfable waves for everyone, anywhere in the world.

We combine inventiveness with mechanics and fluid dynamics to create constant waves for surfing in natural waters. That is open water man-made waves.
If you have an urban shoreline, a river, a lake or other location — we can deliver you the surf. Or if you dream of a bigger surf center with many simultaneous waves — just dare to ask. Our solution enables fixed and entirely mobile alternatives with no additional construction required. Once we leave there will be no permanent trace in the nature.

With this technology you can easily provide real waves up to height of 2m or 6ft, which are perfect for even experienced surfers without mentioning smaller waves that are more suitable for beginner or intermediate level surfers.

All you need to utilise the technology is an open water area of 150m x 50m x 4m and availability of electricity. The technology is operated from a sea-container that is located on a shore or an anchored pier.

Artwave system is packaged and delivered in sea containers and it is fully mobile.

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