Enersense International PLC is the next generation’s flexible business partner for large industrial projects. Our mission is to develop industrial competitiveness and we ensure successful projects by optimizing expertise and information.

Enersense’s operations, products and services are divided into three business units: Engineering & Manufacturing, Resources and Digital Solutions & Services.

Engineering & Manufacturing
Engineering and manufacturing business unit provides manufacturing of steel and floating structures, frames, hulls and blocks, surface treatment and technical engineering in growing industrial sectors such as shipbuilding.

We find the right experts in project management, planning, logistics, site management and control. We resource workers to the construction sites and also the equipment if needed. Because of the global networks and the hybrid model we have developed, we are able to offer unique solutions to our customers all over the world. In total in 2017 we were employing almost 1000 people. Due to our extensive experience from the large-scale construction projects, we have an international database of thousands of CVs.

Digital Solutions & Services
E-Sense is our own, scalable digital project resource platform for transparency control and information management. It serves subcontracting and contracting chains as well as building projects. Enersense is specialised in assisting the project organisations with any relevant human or subcontractor resource needs at every stage of large construction projects. With its worldwide service network and strategic partners, Enersense is able to perform even in a tight schedule and in highly demanding circumstances.

The main industries:
• Energy industry
• Construction industry
• Shipbuilding industry

In nutshell:
• Established in 2005
• Headquartered in Pori
• Offices in Finland: Pori, Porvoo, Helsinki, Pyhäjoki,
Rauma, Olkiluoto and Turku
• Operated in more than 30 countries around the world
• Turnover in 2017: 47 Million euros
• AAA rated company with strong balance sheet
• Read more about us: www.enersense.com