Fennia – The insurance specialist

Fennia Group provides risk management and insurance services for enterprises, entrepreneurs and private households, as well as flexible client financing solutions.

The Fennia Group consists of Fennia, Fennia Life and Fennia Asset Management Ltd. Together the companies offer their clients competitive, high-quality non-life and life insurance and asset management services. Fennia and our insurance activities date back to the 19th century, giving us a solid professional foundation.

Focus on safety
Fennia offers its clients a comprehensive operating concept with services tailored to the clients’ individual needs. Our top-ranking expertise ensures the client’s safety in all situations. Insurance cover and pensions provide the opportunity to make a new start and an assured income in case of accident or illness. Safety management ensures occupational safety, not only in the client company but also in the subcontractor chain, while activities promoting well-being at work help to maintain the working capacity of personnel. Deposit insurance policies offer safe combinations of mutual funds to build up the client’s funds.

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