Jabadabaduu is a multi-channel advertising and marketing communications agency specialised in both digital and printed media. We provide strong marketing communications services, solutions and tools – creativity for our customers’ benefit.

Jabadabaduu was established in Pori, Finland in 1990. Today our offices are located in Pori, Rauma, Turku and Helsinki. We’re a part of the Mediatakojat Group, which includes six local radio stations: Radio Pori, Radio Mikkeli, Radio Kuopio, Radio Kompassi, Auran Aallot, and nationwide Helmi Radio together with Nelonen Media as well as a radio commercial production unit.

Mediatakojat Group has a total of 70 employees in several locations in Southern Finland.

Service solutions
Our service solutions include a range of marketing communications: strategy, brand, communications & PR, web design and development, digital marketing and social media, TV, radio and print. Just to name a few. And we’re really good in combining these solutions into a overall marketing service for you.

We also provide powerful tools that are easy to use and maintain. These include for example over the web content management systems and other tools for hosting and managing websites and other digital platforms.

We believe in partnership approach. Together with the client we analyse, plan and work together to create and execute continuous marketing development plans.

Our values are driven by what we want to be – not in the future, but every day! We’ve got the ability to understand, the skills to create and the urge to succeed. And what’s most important – we’re easy to meet and greet.

Come see for yourself!


Eija Tammi
Account Director
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