Janneniska Ltd. is a leading Nordic company renting aerial platforms. Our business is based on professional and helpful staff working with the most modern and safest equipment available.

Our mission is to provide the best possible, but most of all, safe working environment for our customers. If needed, our staff can also assist you with your work assignment. This enables even faster and more efficent completion of the task.

Our fleet includes several models between with a range of 11 to 104 meters working height.

Aerial platforms
Our units are always purhaced directly from the manufacturer and they represent the latest in technology and safety. This also ensures the reliability and availability of our units in changing and difficult circumstances.

We pay special attention to add-on equipment on our units. In co-operation with the manufacturer, we also develop additional add-on equipment. These new inventions are often based on the feedback from our customers. For example, most of our units are equipped with electric use, which enables indoor operation.

Our fleet is constantly rotating, so that mean age of our units is always the youngest in the market.

Working cage
Wide working cage – turning sector ~ 180 degrees. The working cage can be extended up to 3,9 meters. The maximum working cage load is 600 kg.

Electricity (230V/400V), water and air (max. 200 bar) are also available in the working cage. The electricity can be produced by the machines own 6,5 kW generator.

The working cage is also equipped with working light and radio. The control unit can be freely positioned anywhere in the working cage to achieve optimum space to work.

The driver operates the machine and assists the customer with the task. If needed, the driver can operate the machine also from the lower control center. In that case there is an intercom connection between the lower control center and the work cage.

Electronic reach control system
The machine can be stabilized according to the operating space and reach range, so the stabilizers do not take up space unnecessarily, e.g., in narrow places such as sidewalks.

Electric use
Most of the machines can also be driven with electricity only, to avoid noise and exhaust gases. For this reason machines can safely and silently be used indoors.

On-site planning
With no-cost we will come to inspect your working site in forehand to help to choose the most suitable unit from our fleet in order to complete your task effectively and safely.

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