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Blasting consulting services by the experience of 25 years and over 4000 projects.

With us you will save in the project costs, keep your projects on schedule and prevent any damages from occurring.

Environmental reports
Before the start of the excavation work it’s recommended to carry out the environmental analysis, which helps preventing the costly damages.

The environmental analysis report includes the estimation of possible damages caused by the vibration, dust and noise inside the 0-1500-meter (depends on the scale of blasting and the environment) radius from the blasting site across the real estate constructions and devices. The analysis also includes what kind of preventing actions are needed.

The environmental analysis determines the need of the pre-and post-blast inspections, need for vibration damping of sensitive apparatus or machines, giving safety instructions, determining maximum levels for vibration and how/where to measure vibrations.

Living and working near to the blasting or pile-driving site will continue almost normally because of the rules and instructions given in the environmental analysis.

Choosing the blasting or pile-driving contractor, cost estimation and scheduling the site will improve a lot.

Blasting or pile-driving near to the sensitive buildings, or precision apparatus/machine work done near to the site will be safer and much better organized.

Pre- and post-blast inspections
Property inspections acts as your evidence and legal protection if the blasting, pile-driving or vibration work rises doubts about possible changes in the surrounding buildings.

With professional inspections, it is possible to prevent the conflicts about the damages in the buildings near to the blasting or pile-driving site.

Property inspection is a three-step process in which the propertys and their structures will be reviewed before the blasting work starts, the results are recorded and then after the blasting project is completed the buildings will be rechecked and possible changes recorded.

Property inspections acts as your evidence and legal protection.

Vibration measurements
Blasting according the rules and regulations.

Online real-time result service via internet.

Vibration measurement acts as your evidence to go-by-the-book and as your legal protection.

By measuring the vibrations caused by the blasting you can ensure that the blasting work does not break the rules or regulations and does not cause costly damages.

The seismographs installed near the site to the carefully chosen positions measure vibrations caused by each blasting. After that each blasting site engineers and supervisors can view the results using our BlastView® system via internet by computer, tablet or smart phone (internet browser is used – no need to install any new specific software). BlastView® system can also be used as design tool to optimize the blasting.

Vibration damping
Decrease the g-forces directed on sensitive devices, apparatus or machines.

Efficient vibration damping is used to decrease the g-forces directed on sensitive devices, as computers, up to 90%. This means that blasting operations in demanding environments can be done by a cost-effective manner.

The vibration damping works best when our specialists choose the damping methods and materials and make the competent installation.

Blasting site supervising
Site supervising reduces the total project costs, helps keeping the schedule and do a good quality job.

With our expertise, we can help choosing the right contractor for the right job.

As a blasting supervisors we will check that the blasting standards and regulations are complied. We will measure the vibration and make sure that the blasting will be made using the optimal yield (en ole varma mitä tällä haetaan..) and also keep the vibration levels under the allowed limits.

You will save at the total costs of the project.

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