Lämpöpuisto Ltd.

Lämpöpuisto ltd. is a family company and is established in 1990. In 2007 Lämpöpuisto acquired the bulk fuel business of ShellFinland. Lämpöpuisto operates in the wholesale and end customer segments of the fuel market in Finland. Sales area consists of the entire country of Finland, incl. Åland

Locations in Finland

  • Turku (headquarter)
  • Espoo, Oulu, Tampere and Kuopio


  • Net sales in 2016, 201 million euros
  • Employees, 18 incl. 10 salesrepresentatives
  • Fueltransportation is provided by private Finnish transportation companies.
    • The number of vehicles in the fleet is +50, some seasonal variance
  • A number of third part sales agents across the country
  • Market share aprox. 10,5 %


  • Over 60,000 customers in the customer database of which aprox. 25,000 are households
  • Fuel supplier for the Finnish state, cities, municipalities, heating plants, construction companies, farmers, off road engines
  • Tax free sales to variety of vessels; marine, goverment vessels, tugs, fishing boats, etc.


  • Heating fuels
  • fuels for road and off-road use
  • heating fuels with additives
  • diesel fuels
  • gasolines
  • heavy fuels


  • Shell products and Shell brand
  • Lämpöpuisto is a specialist in high quality bulk fuel deliveries
    • Real time tracking and tracing
  • Fit to purpose IT system covering the entire process
  • Reputation for good customer service, reliability and flexible deliveries
  • Experienced and highly motivated personnel and transportation companies
  • Lean, cost-efficient organization

Contact information
Lämpöpuisto Oy
Rieskalähteentie 55-57, FIN-20300 Turku
Customer service tel. 0800-1-9292
Aki Toivio
Area sales manager
Tel. +358 40 566 4482