Ledify / Nice-Trading Oy

A lighting solutions specialist

LEDIFY is for professionals. We are a lighting specialist company located close to the Meyer shipyard in Raisio. We are manufacturing Sauna and Spa lighting and we carry a wide range of LED strips, drivers and profiles suitable for the marine industry. Our location makes us a dynamic partner to fulfill specific customer needs fast.

We aim to provide outstanding customer service, reliable and fast deliveries and professional quality in our products. Ledify is a parallel trade name and trademark of Nice-Trading Oy.

If you have a special decorative idea that need lighting, LEDIFY is for you. Our mother company Nice-Trading Oy offers working and warehousing spaces in Raisio. If you have needs for one or more office rooms, warehouse or showroom space we are glad to help there too.

For more information, please visit https://ledify.fi