Markku Kauriala Ltd Fire Engineering and Fire Safety Design Consultants

We are experts in fire safety engineering design and consultancy.
Leading fire expert of wood and steel construction in your service.
With fire technical planning towards cost-efficient and safe solutions.

The branch of our engineering office is a fire safety engineering and a safety technical design, consultation, expert services and education. Our services include all the functions which are related to the prevention of fire damage and perfect consultation and planning service.

We have specialized in performance-based fire design. The advantages of this method are considerable cost savings, freer architect planning, the better usability of the premises and the cheaper maintenance costs of fire technical equipment

We carry out both small and big projects considering the advantages of the customer. In everything our basic principle is to create a cost-efficient and safe solution to the customer. Newest and technically state of the art of design softwares are in our use.

Markku Kauriala Ltd is also the leading fire expert of wood and steel construction. From us the customer gets the right solutions to the wooden constructions of the wooden apartment houses and many other targets, as well as fire technical dimensioning and fire protection needs of steel constructions.