French-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

  • Key competence: Animating the French-Finnish business network in Finland and in France
  • Products: Services to the companies done by our consultants in the network or our members
  • Personnel: <5 (2 person few hours/week)
  • Turnover (M€): 0-0.5 (30k€)
  • References: Wärtsilä, Stora Enso, Konecranes, Thales, Fortum, Nordic Business Forum, BNP Paribas
Short introduction
The Helsinki CCFF is an association (Ry) with the main goal to animate the Franco-Finnish business community and on the other hand to offer support to French companies wishing to export or invest in Finland.
Our key missions are:
- Receive and guide requests for support from companies from France to Finland and from Finland to France
- Establish a structure to represent Franco-Finnish business interests
- Promote business contacts between members around targeted events
- Contribute to any initiative or project likely to promote and develop economic and cultural exchanges between France and Finland

One of the main missions of the CCFF is to establish and develop a powerful network of partnerships with French and Finnish companies, authorities and institutions in order to best defend the interests of its members and promote the activities of the French-Finnish community.

Beyond the many networking happenings that we set up in order to strengthen the links between the members of our network, we organize at least once a year, one prestigious event intended to promote businesses and ideas of the Franco-Finnish community.
Company info
Raumantie 4
00350 Helsinki