Seriässä Oy

  • Key competence: Shipbuilding interior solutions and screen printing
  • Products: Marine print IMO certified materials, screen printing, pad-printing, signs, films, workwear prints
  • Personnel: <5 (10 person in 2021)
  • Turnover (M€): 0.6-2 (1.2 M€ in 2019)
  • References: We have over 30 years of experience working at the shipyard and 20 years of experience editing files and mimicking materials as well as printing on labels and transparencies and installing them on various surfaces of ships, we know the special challenges and standards and which materials are suited for the environment.
Short introduction
Screen printing and prints for the maritime industry, advertising and guidance. Labels, prints, image editing and installation with years of experience. Our interior design solutions cover different types of public spaces, theaters, stairs, bridges, engine rooms. We provide workwear and other textiles and printing on them.
Company info
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20610 Turku