SimFors Oy

  • Key competence: Machining a wide range of raw materials, acid-resistant and stainless steel, and assembly services
  • Products: Wide range of demanding machining, welding and assemblies
  • Personnel: 11-50 (30 in 2019)
  • Turnover (M€): 2.1-10 (6 M€ in 2016)
Short introduction
We have over 30 years of special experience in providing customers with a range of demanding machining and assembly services. Our expert personnel and modern CNC equipment - together with our flexible two-shift operations - guarantee quality, just-on-time deliveries.

We are capable of machining a wide range of materials, including acid-resistant and stainless steel, tool and tempered steel, titanium, aluminium, brass, and technical plastics.

We produce mechanical components and assemblies for the electronics industry, arms products, paper machines, valves, analyzers, and dental X-ray equipment. Our philosophy is to supply high-quality, cost-effective products and services.
Company info
SimFors Oy
Teollisuustie 5
07230 Monninkylä