MindFit is specialized in field and competence based personnel evaluation related to recruiting and career development. The service model of MindFit will be customized for every client’s needs based on the following options:

• Personnel Evaluation
• Headhunting (includes personnel evaluation)
• Direct Search (includes personnel evaluation)
• Temporary Staffing (includes personnel evaluation)
• Sub-contracting (includes personnel evaluation)
• Other customized HR activities (e.g. recruitment)

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Personnel Evaluation
The evaluation can be provided as task competence analysis or as a combination of psychological evaluation and task competence analysis. The idea is to clarify those skills and competences that are the most urgent for the job and organization. Beside the technical skills regarding to work tasks, also communication, information sharing and management skills will be evaluated, and all the risk factors such as motivation will be analyzed.

Based on customers’ needs MindFit headhunts the most qualified candidates. The most potential applicants will be met and tested in a live interview and testing session (Personnel Evaluation). Only the most suitable candidates will be delivered to the client.

Direct Search, Temporary Staffing and Sub-contracting
The business model is always depending on clients’ needs and what job candidates prefer. No matter if the resourcing is to be done via direct search, temporary staffing or sub-contracting model, the recruitment process is the same: MindFit offers resources and makes the Personnel Evaluation for each job candidate before they start working at the customer site. MindFit has a wide contact network for finding new talents to be recruited directly and MindFit’s pool of consultants cover thousands of professionals, specialists and managers for rental and sub-contracting basis. The resourcing pool is extremely strong in the following areas:
• Definition, development, implementation, testing
• Project management, change management, leadership roles, strategic analysis

Customized HR services
Every client case is special, and we customize the process and business model to meet the current needs.