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Paavo Nurmi is considered the greatest runner of all time. He was known as ”The King of Runners” or the ”Flying Finn”. During his career Nurmi took 9 Olympic Gold medals and was among the first athletes to be nominated in the IAAF Hall of Fame. Famous all over the world Nurmi became an unending source of national pride for the newly independent Finland.

Paavo Nurmi Festival focuses on establishing permanent and visible activities honouring the great runner, in order to ensure that he Paavo Nurmi Legacy is passed down to future generations.

The first Paavo Nurmi Games was arranged in 1957 as a birthday present to Nurmi on his 60th birthday. The tradition has gone on ever since and the event is held every year at the Paavo Nurmi Stadium named after the legendary runner. In recent years PNG has been broadcasted to over hundred countries abroad. In Finland it was the most watched television broadcast of the week in 2018 with a reach of 1 335 000 viewers. At the stadium there were over 12.000 spectators enjoying the atmosphere.

Furthermore, other Paavo Nurmi Festival events in celebration of Nurmi’s achievements, such as Paavo Nurmi Junior & Master Games, Paavo’s Sports Day and Paavo Nurmi Marathon, will be held throughout the festival weeks. Paavo’s Sports Day has over 10.000 children with their families taking part in the sports festival. Paavo Nurmi Marathon is one of the biggest running events in Finland, one can choose a distance of marathon, halfmarathon or 10K. Children have also the possibility to take part in Paavo Nurmi Minimarathon.

Paavo Nurmi Festival is organized by PN Turku Oy, which is owned by Suomen Urheiluliitto, Turun Urheiluliitto, TuTo, Turun Weikot Yleisurheilu and Nurmen perilliset. The company, founded in Turku, 2012, is a non-profit organization that focuses on the development of Paavo Nurmi Games, Festival and Paavo Nurmi Legacy as well as the development of sports in Turku and Finland.

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