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We offer multiple solutions for negotiation and communication to enhance your business.

Somic offers all life-cycle services of communication. When planning the client’s communication solutions, Somic first investigates the client’s needs and operating environment. Based on a good plan the implementation phase then commences. When a communication solution is in use, it is recommended that it is adjusted and developed according to changing needs. Communication is a central part of a business. With the right kind of communication you will stand out from your competitors and succeed.

However, the right kind of communication is not enough. Communication has to be effective and financially feasible. New solutions are constantly created to improve the efficiency of communication. We at Somic are specialized in communication services. The Somic Voice speech service and other communication services offer a solution for economical and ecologically effective modern communication. The client together with our specialists can determine the services and solutions best suited for the client’s needs.

Printing solutions
A variety of world-class printing solutions designed to increase business productivity and reduce costs.

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Let us help you plan your IT environment.

Somic is a modern IT house that provides IT services for different kinds of companies and communities. The purpose of our operations is to provide our customers just the right and modern IT service solutions whatever that might mean at any given time to any given customer. Somic enables its customers to outsource IT entirely. This means that we map out the customers’ IT needs, install equipment, train staff, maintain and develop the service.

The benefits of a modern IT service include:

    • More effective working
    • More economical operations
    • Enhanced job satisfaction for employees

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