Company Tammet Oy is a Finnish producer and manufacturer and one of the biggest in the business of metal mesh and metal mesh products in Northern Europe.

Our factory and modern production lines are located on the south coast of Finland in Tammisaari, approx. 100 km eastĀ of Turku.

We export up to 80 % of our sales, mainly to the Scandinavian countries, Central Europe and Canada.

Area of core competence

We produce a lot of different kind of mesh products by the following processes:
– Welding
– Weaving
– Expanding

We use the following raw materials; black carbon steel, stainless steel, acid proof steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

Our surface treatments for our products are hot dip galvanizing, electro galvanizing, powder coating and anodizing.

Tammet products for the shipbuilding industry:
– Gratings for catwalks, stairs, floors, ramps and platforms, also tailor made.
– Protective nettings for engines, machines, machine components and others, also tailor made.
– Interior products for architectural purposes in bars, cafeterias, restaurants, shops, cinemas and others, also tailor made.
– Shipbuilding site safety products, also tailor made.

We are mainly supplying to the following industries:
– Construction industry
– Construction and building material industry
– Ship building industry
– Mining industry
– Wood processing industry
– Food processing industry
– Infrastructure
– Industries in protection and safety

Delivered on request.

For more information, please visit www.tammet.fi