Turku City Theatre

Turku City Theatre is an active and ambitious theatre that produces five to ten premiers every year, plus several visiting spectacles. Altogether the theatre houses approximately 400 shows and over 100 000 viewers per year. Turku City Theatre stages everything from plays to musicals and from drama to comedy.

Turku City Theatre was founded in 1946. Since the year 2014, it has been operating as a corporation owned 100% by the city of Turku. The theatre is run by Art Director Mikko Kouki and CEO Arto Valkama.

The theatre building boasts a beautiful location by the River Aura in the middle of the Turku city centre. The building represents modern 60’s architecture and is under total renovation until September 2017. There are three stages, a restaurant and a cafe in the building. During the summer season, the theatre operates in Emma Theatre’s outdoor scene in Naantali.

In the autumn of 2017, Turku City Theatre will show the Broadway musical, the Last Ship. A newly renovated theatre building, music composed by Sting and a strong shipyard theme are excellent reasons to experience this play!

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