Tejara Oy

Tejara Oy, estabslished in 1987, focuses on outfitting for ships and industrial pipe and equipment installations. We organize pipe and steel constructions for the industry outfitting for ships. Our turn-key deliveries are shipyards and shipping companies, which consist of engine room areas, engine casings and funnels, workshops and waste handling areas, interior areas, and cabin areas. Moreover, we offer cost accounting, design, materials, outfitting work, project management and after-sales services.

More specifically, our interior areas are: HVAC work, interior decorations, insulation work and wooden decks etc. Engine room areas consist of engine casings, pipe and steel work, block outfitting, insulation and sheet metal work and pipe insulation. In addition to this, we organize even workshops for prefabricated pipes, prefabricated air ducts and steel constructions.

For more information and contact, see tejara.fi