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30 Years of Entrepreneur Stories
The Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjä newspaper of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Southwest Finland first appeared in 1987 under the name “Yritysidea” (“business idea”). Now, 30 years later, we are distributing the printed version of the paper addressed to all business establishments in the region. The printed newspaper has 80,000 readers. The newspaper’s website also has over 90,000 visitors a month. We send out a newsletter a few times a week to 26,000 email addresses.

Although the world is changing and we are developing our entrepreneur media along with it, content which is of interest to the readers is the basis upon which the newspaper is created. Right from the beginning, it has been the goal of the newspaper to convey information which is useful to entrepreneurs and businesses. Articles written by the experts and interviews with them continue to be the most read content of the paper.

We act as a lobbyist, raising important issues if necessary. We don’t complain about problems, we offer the enterprise organisation’s suggestions as solutions to them.

The most important content, however, are the inspiring entrepreneurial stories which tell of the entrepreneur’s daily life, new challenges and successes. When a business opens its doors, you never know what kind of story awaits our editor and readers.

A business manager’s newspaper
The readers of the Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjä newspaper are private and public sector decision-makers throughout Southwest Finland. The newspaper’s readers either take decisions about or take part in acquisitions.

For example, over 60,000 of them take decisions about or take part in

  • the acquisition of machinery and equipment at their workplace
  • the acquisition of information and office technology equipment at their workplace
  • purchase of business gifts at their workplace

Readers read the Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjä newspaper thoroughly.

  • Two-thirds of readers spend at least 15 minutes reading the paper.
  • Nearly all readers check the ads section.
  • Just over one third read most of the ads.

Annual income of readers:

  • 26 % over € 60,000
  • 30 % € 40,000–59,999
  • 27 % € 25,000–39,999

Age distribution

  • 3 % under 30
  • 16 % 30-39
  • 30 % 40-49
  • 33 % 50-59
  • 17 % 60 –

Suomen palvelututkimus Oy / Reader survey 10/2015

Visibility in entrepreneur media
We offer our customers many good ways to be seen in the media.

  • Customer magazines in between the newspaper’s pages
  • Good business advertorials
  • Detachable and reattachable sticker ads on the first page
  • Ads of different shapes and sizes
  • Branch directory
  • Yrityssuora direct distribution to business managers of the customer’s printed material
  • Banners in email newsletters
  • Banners in the Internet newspaper
  • Company videos in the Internet newspaper
  • Ykkösyritykset, a directory of top businesses in the Internet newspaper

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