Vivo Visions Oy


Vivo Visons Oy is a coaching and consulting company that creates wellness and effectiveness to companies and individuals. Background in professional sports and wide network of professionals in sports and business gives us a great possibility to help everyone to be a better version of themselves. We bring the tools and methods from professional athletes and leaders available to everyone.


Do you know when you or your employees are effective, in stress or recovering? We offer you a possibility to find out what is causing stress, are they active enough, when there is a need to relax and when people are recovering or in some cases why they are not. This gives us a good insight information to plan a specific program for different individuals for their needs. With the help of modern technology, we can get results to help prevent injuries and sickness and increase the quality of life.

Research shows that immobility is causing sickness and the cost of personnel’s sickness can be over 500 € per day per person. Also, the immobility is causing a drop in a quality of people’s lives, which also effects the companies.

We are helping you to reduce the costs by creating you more mobile and effective people with better quality of life and recovery.


Activities and coaching
We are offering activities from different sport events and group classes to personalized one on one coaching in sports, personal wellness and nutrition. We can also offer mental coaching and mentoring with the tools used in sports.

The number one method is Hydrotraining – the best way to train in water in a group or as an individual.

Seminars and events
During a long day in seminars or events we can offer you tools to stay more active and get more results. As we all know sitting too long is killing you and it also effects on the adaptation of new information. We can help you create more active and effective seminars and events by activating the participants.

Our lessons for your employees or board about wellness are entertaining, educational and activating. You cannot just sit and listen. There is a strong link to sports and we use the triangle of REST – ACTIVITIES – NUTRITION both in physical and mental aspect and YOU in the center!

Jani Rusi – 204,5cm of sports excellence
Jani is the owner and CEO of the company and a former National team swimmer with over 40 Finnish championship medals and over 100 international races. He has also a degree in coaching and international business and a strong network of professionals in the sports and business as well.

Jani Rusi, CEO
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