Wiima Logistics

Wiima Logistics is an integrated supply chain company specializing in complete logistics services known as 4PL logistics. We are a dynamic supply chain business established to offer international market a comprehensive logistics solution. Our company started by providing international logistics services for companies at shipbuilding industry, thus today many other industries are relying our responsive and and competitive services.

Wiima offers freight forwarding services and full-service logistics coordination, including budgeting for transportation and project logistics, scheduling, delivery monitoring and building site logistics. We offer not only reasonably-priced shipments, but also comprehensive and total logistical solutions utilizing our global network. We seek out and invite offers from the right service providers to boost and streamline your logistics. We organize consolidation and warehousing services all over the world and select the right partners for the logistical needs of your company

In the case of very urgent and critical logistics needs, Wiima Logistics is the company that can be relied upon for shipments requiring the utmost in speed and care. When time really means money, all shipments will be placed on the first available flight. On-board couriers are available to hand carry critical shipments, and aircraft charters are available when needed. We will deliver your critical deliveries anywhere in the world.

Feel free to contact any of our offices globally.

In Finland, your main contact is:

Lauri Heiliö
+358 40 539 7230 | lauri.heilio@wiima.fi 

Office address:
Verkatehtaankatu 4, 20100 Turku, Finland