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YardMate is a consortium of over 100 companies supporting industry needs. Together we bring all the products, services, tools and resources to shipyards, cruise lines, aviation companies and other fields of industry. Our patented innovations will help companies make energy savings, decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We find and validate the right subcontractors and human resources for the projects in question. We open doors and create business opportunities for all our members to get more assignments in the industry. We grow – join us!

9.3.2021 in News

YardMate in Tekniikka & Talous

Ships are still to be built in Finland and sub…

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3.2.2021 in News

How to decrease energy costs – CEO Kari Härkönen and YardMate’s member Kasper Smit – BlackSmit Solutions

HELSINGIN SANOMAT Wednesday, 03.02. YardMate’s CEO together with YardMate’s member…

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