Benefit from YardMateMEMBERS WhatsApp

By 27.3.2018News

YardMateMEMBERS WhatsApp group in use

Benefit from having a wide range of heterogeneous companies in your network. Easy communication, get help, borrow, lend, buy, sell or recommend. Need a trailer for a day? Want to sell your extra XXX? From/to a trusted network member – or recommended by a trusted member.

People from our member B2B direct contact list have been added to the group, as you have OK’ed your contact info to be available for the member companies’ personnel. We shall contact anyone who do not yet use WhatsApp. Easy downloads for all phone types. Note that everyone in our member companies can join the group (thus permitting us to have your contact info). Share the benefit throughout your company! Get a join link from YardMate Manager, share with your colleagues who will enter the link on the web and follow the 3-step instructions.

When you find your counterparty to buy/sell/borrow/etc., continue with private discussion, either in WhatsApp or via other means. Avoid large attachments. This place is for short-term info sharing, if you wish to keep specific data, please store privately.

Some WhatsApp tricks:
– To address someone although your message is public, @-mention the person
– When you touch/select a message, you get the options to * reply privately, * mark with star/important, * forward the message
– go to More […] > settings > notifications to turn individual chat notifications on/off


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