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The multitude of talent needed in ship design, offshore engineering and construction support services – meet our member Deltamarin and Kristian Knaapi, who has been in the marine industry since 1998, both hands-on and in design and management.

Who are you?
Kristian Knaapi, Head of Sales & Marketing at Deltamarin Ltd

What is your company specialized in?
Deltamarin provides ship design, offshore engineering and construction support services for all vessel types for marine and offshore industries worldwide. We cover a vessel’s complete lifecycle – from concept development and engineering to project management during shipbuilding and commissioning, and services during operation.

Tell us about your clients and other keyholders or partners?
Ship owners and operators, shipyards, oil companies, offshore contractors and marine suppliers are all our esteemed clients.

We also use several engineering companies as subcontractors especially in larger projects.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
To YardMate members we offer design and consulting services for all design disciplines throughout a vessel’s lifecycle.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
Even if the major part of our revenue is coming from abroad we are still open to provide our services to YardMate members and co-operate with them.

We would also like to take the change to present Deltamarin as a good choice for employer to skilled people and future talents through Yardmate. We can offer global growing possibilities in the field of marine technology.

What are your future needs regarding personnel?
For the time being we are looking for persons with technical background interested in becoming ship designers.

And regarding sub-contractors and partners?
As our workload is growing we are always interested in skilful sub-contractors.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
From writer’s point of view my work history here in Deltamarin has been great. Deltamarin is a company offering various possibilities in this business area. During the years when the personal experience has grown this company has been offering always new challenges and duties for me.

Thanks for the interview, Kristian! A company of Deltamarin’s magnitude and with over 5000 project references certainly offers possibilities, both for its employees and for partners and subcontractors. And they are looking for skilled persons with technical background. Interested? Check their website and leave an open application.

Photos by Deltamarin and Annika Perho