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Do you want to be sure buildings stay intact when rock is being blasted for new constructions? What can be built and how, on certain type of land? Meet our member Insinööritoimisto Varsinais-Suomen Kalliotekniikka Oy, one of the handful of companies in Finland who are skilled to perform most delicate vibration measurements and convert the results into top analysis.

Who are you?
Kimmo Haverinen, representing company Insinööritoimisto Varsinais-Suomen Kalliotekniikka Oy since 1994. I have the FISE AA grade vibration specialist certificate. I am 49 years old, married and have three sons.

Photos by Annika Perho

What is your company specialized in?
We are experts in vibrations caused by rock blasting and pile driving and also vibrations caused by traffic (trains, for example).

We help our clients manage risks of vibration, both risks for buildings and sensitive apparatus (for example computers, MRI- and X-ray imaging machines in hospitals and many other) and for people living and working near to the site causing vibrations.

Tell us about your clients and other key shareholders?
Our clients are private people, companies (mostly construction), cities and state level organisations. We are part of Solwers, a network of specialists in the fields of tunnel, rock, road, railway, environmental and municipal engineering.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
For building and tunnelling projects: risk analysis for rock blasting, pre-blast inspections and vibration monitoring. We also offer traffic vibration measuring and monitoring for example to check the effects of speed bumps on near-by housing.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
I hope to help Meyer when they are developing the shipyard and also find clients through YardMate members’ contacts.

What are your future needs regarding personnel?
We are now looking for one or two persons with at least some background from the construction branch.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
Developing YardMate group and how it works is important and needs to be done systematically.

And here we had our 8th member company interview. Did you know you can delete certain frequencies from the sound and prevent the vibration caused by loud noise e.g. damaging listed buildings nearby? Talk to Kimmo and find out the extent of the company services!