By 29.3.2018News

Our network member presentations continue. This time with a producer of classy and intriguing business portraits and illustrative photos: Studio Brahe.

Here we state immediately that the photos below are by the interviewer, do navigate to Studio Brahe website to see the results of true professionalism in photography.

Who are you?
Ari Peuho, Studio Brahe owner. I´ve been photographing people for 36 years after having been a few years in advertising branch after commercial college. Now I´m 62 years old grandpa to five grandchildren – still having a lot of passion to my work.

What does your company do?
Studio Brahe offers all kinds of high quality photographic services both for companies and families. We also do video production especially for video-CVs. Our special skill is to make the fanciest business portraits in our region.

Tell us about your clients and other key shareholders / partners?
At the moment we are doing an equal number of business portraits and photos for families. The number of business clients is steadily growing while the number of family clients has stayed the same for years.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
Photographing people for brochures and websites is perhaps the main service we can offer to YardMate members. We also produce illustrative photos that bring out the essence of the services or products of our clients.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
YardMate is a good arena for making excellent contacts in different kinds of companies, and by knowing each other better we can certainly all benefit from this co-operation.

What are your future needs regarding sub-contractors and partners?
We have a good potential to serve many more clients with the present capabilities. What we want is more visual challenges to be able to show our professional skills. So, challenge us!

Anything else you wish to say to us?
I would like to see even closer co-operation between YardMate members. Let’s motivate the members to meet each other even more often with more time to spent in getting familiar with the special skills of fellow members, to benefit from the network in full.

Thank you Ari, it is great to have your skills available in our network!