MEET THE MEMBER – Markku Kauriala Ltd

By 31.10.2018News

This week we’ll present you Marianna Kauriala at Markku Kauriala Ltd, a company who is in international demand as a fire technical designer, consultancy and trainer, and an expert in performance-based fire engineering!

Who are you?

I am Marianna Kauriala, the Vice President at Markku Kauriala Ltd Fire Engineering and Fire Safety Design Consultants, and a fire safety designer specialised in evacuation.

What is your company specialized in?

The branch of our engineering office is fire safety engineering and a safety technical design, consultation, expert services and education. Our services include all the functions that are related to the prevention of fire damage and perfect consultation and planning service. We have specialised in performance-based fire engineering. The advantages of this method are considerable cost savings, freer architect planning, the better usability of the premises and the cheaper maintenance costs of fire technical equipment.

Performance-based fire design is today’s planning where the individual properties of the buildings are taken into consideration. As a result, we achieve the best safety level to the building and remarkable savings in construction costs, even 4-6 %. Performance-based fire design is done using verified and validated software to simulate fire, smoke, temperature, radiation, structures and evacuation inside the building.

We also have a certified quality system to ensure our internal top performance.

Tell us about your clients and other key shareholders?

Our clients come from different sectors and sizes vary from very small to very big companies. Our customers are mainly architect offices and construction companies. We have done performance-based fire engineering for example for cruise ships and we also work with shipyards.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?

We offer fire engineering services. Almost every building and renovation project needs a fire technical expert – at least in the building licence permit phase, when building licence authority quite often demands a fire technical plan.

Whether your project is small or big, you can always contact us. In everything our basic principle is to create a cost-efficient and safe solution to the customer. You can call Marianna (+358 50 3712 065) or send an email (

What are your expectations for YardMate?

Good networking and co-operation.

What are your future needs regarding personnel?

We kindly accept open job applications. Our line of business is extremely specialised, one learns the trade by doing it.

Anything else you wish to say to us?

Fire Safety engineering is a very important part of building construction, and it should always be taken into consideration. It is a small part of the overall cost but it has a tremendous effect on the end result.

Markku Kauriala Ltd. brought performance-based fire engineering in Finland. It was great to meet Marianna and learn how this 100 % family-owned company creates life-saving solutions for buildings large and small – Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Helsinki Central Library Oodi and Turku Castle, to name a few.

Photos by Markku Kauriala Ltd and Annika Perho