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Where do the workers live who come to work for marine and other industries in Turku area? Our network member presentations continue with Workers Hostel Raisio, who provides a palette of solutions.

Editorial note 13.9.2018: The company name has changed to RSF Village Raisio. This article and the name link above points to the updated member page.

Photos by Annika Perho

Who are you?
Matti Stenholm, hostel manager, 61 years old salesman. The first 18 years I’ve sold computers and software solutions. After that, I’ve sold another 18 years lodging and meeting services.

My goal is to work with lodging services till 2024 and develop even further Workers Hostel Raisio’s pop-up lodging concept that already provides accommodation extremely fast, from scratch.

What is your company specialized in?
We offer flexible and economical lodging in Raisio. Our three lodging options are: an 80 bed Capsule Hostel. Module Houses with 48+48 beds. These both are situated in Kaislatie 2, only 1.3 km from the Meyer Northern Gate. As the third option we have Furnished Apartments in Raisio.

As add-on services we have offices to rent, plus meeting rooms and education facilities.

Tell us about your clients?
Our clients are mainly workers but capsule and module houses suit perfectly also to sport groups and different hobby groups who look for an economical place to sleep. Meyer has of course the most important client potential for us, but we have built a many-sided customer base during our first two operating years.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
Along with lodging services we can offer office and meeting rooms and training facilities. We offer these to other YardMate members and to offshore companies (sub-contractors). We have already had Eastern European offshore companies using all of our facilities.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
We expect that YardMate platform helps sellers and buyers find each other easier – via YardMate tools, and activities which we already have taken part in.

What are your future needs
In the future we need more beds for our customers. Our solution is to build pop-up module houses – they can be built to be ready-to-use in one month. Our first new module house (moved from Äänekoski when the bioproduct mill site was ready) will be ready to move in in May 2018. The second module house pops up in Raisio during the summer.

a) regarding personnel?
Because of our strong growth we will need more personnel for cleaning, maintenance services and reception.

b) regarding sub-contractors and partners?
I hope that someday there is a common shipyard industry ”match-database” where buyers and sellers can login and find each other easier. Because foreign workers are here to stay, this kind of ”match-service” helps all branches of the industry.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
I wish success to this operation and lots of business to all the members.

Would Matti have a solution for your workers’ housing? Most likely! And if they are fully booked, it won’t take long for them to figure out a new, innovative housing concept.