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Are your work clothes functional? Comfortable? Safe to use? In marine and other industrial workwear, there are numerous aspects to consider based on standards – and much more when you add comfort and servicing the product full life-cycle for the customer company. How could Leijona’s (‘lion’ in Finnish) great concept help your company? Learn from Heidi Lehto, below.

Who are you?
Heidi Lehto, the Area Sales Manager for southwest Finland. Full of energy and passion for active dialogue with our customers looking for high quality industrial workwear solutions. I live at the coastline of the beautiful Naantali city, in the heart of archipelago and idyllic guest harbours. However, having an ultimate experience of marine excursions, both in private and in business.

What is your company specialized in?
LEIJONA (Leijona Group Ltd) designs workwear for nearly all industries, for different assignments and situations with the strategy attention to occupational safety, functionality, quality, performance, comfort and fit. We focus on meeting our customers’ needs, not just directives and safety standards. The own Finnish design and product development in companion with customers, suppliers and authorities ensures excellent industrial workwear solutions. Leijona has designed workwear for decades, in close cooperation with leading Finnish industrial corporations. In addition to custom made workwear solutions, we can also offer a complete service solution that covers the entire life-cycle of a product, including laundry concepts. As a member of Fristads Kansas Group we can also offer international logistics.

Tell us about your clients and other partners?
Leijona has earned the professionals’ respect with long-term work. Many of our customers are leading names of their industry and expect the same professionalism and expertise from us. Our partnership is based on active dialogue, individual service and customised solutions that help our customers do their work in the best possible way. Our aim is to find a permanent and holistic solution to all needs. This can be a unique detail in a workwear, expert help on workwear standards, a cost effective laundry concept or all the above.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
We offer wearable possibilities with more value than expected. Leijona’s personality is to listen, to be practical, fearless and loyal. We’d like to offer our expert advice on promoting safety in the marine workplace as well as a customized service concept to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For sales matters, you can be in contact with our Area Sales Manager Heidi Lehto, In Turku, we have also a new dealer Naali workwear led by the great Stina Kuikka, Serving you the best way ever.

Heidi (left), Stina (right) and the shop lion

What are your expectations for YardMate?
Our Finnish roots are evident in our honest nature and straightforward way of working. We hope YardMate will bring the Finnish or members from abroad together, open doors and create new business opportunities for the whole marine industry in bigger picture.

What are your future needs regarding personnel?
No open jobs available at the moment, but we’ll be constantly looking for unique professionals interested in workwear industry.

And regarding sub-contractors and partners?
Wide ranged know-how means building better world. We are willing to co-operate with any partner adding more value in our services or theirs in return.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
Safety is peace of mind! The industrial workwear is made to use, not for decoration.

It was great to interview you, Heidi and have the possibility also to visit Naali shop, Stina Kuikka and the fearless shop lion. You are an energetic team! An abundant workwear offering – patterns drawn specifically for Finns – and the possibility to custom solutions. Recommended!

Photos by Leijona and Annika Perho