New Virtual 360 degree game for Cruise Lines

By 27.4.2023News

YardMate’s CEO Kari Härkönen launches a new 360 degree game innovation together with the inventor, director-writer Janne Nykänen. The game can be played in 3D virtual environment where REAL actors arrange scenes and players can follow the act in 360 environment having VR glasses on. The script contains a murder and players having small teams will compete who finds out the murderer.

The game can be run in any place or negotiation room where people are having minimum 1 square meter space to move. That’s why it is also a killer application for all the cruice lines wondering cost-effective & ecologic services for their passengers.

The game session is launched publicly on Saturday 29th, April in Movie theater KINOMA ( owned by Kari Härkönen. After that it is available for corporate and private sales via Kari’s film company.

NOTE: All the YardMate Members gets special discount from the game session!

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See the Murder Mystery movie trailer!