Cruise to Taalintehdas, get your top industrial space!

By 27.6.2019News

Do you need top quality industrial facilities for your expanding business? Or are you founding a company and need flexible space? Planning to visit Baltic Jazz? Combine summer cruising with business and check out what YardMate has on offer at Dalsbruks Fabrik.

Your company benefits from:

  • industrial facilities, appr 25.000 sqm
  • average height 10–12 meters
  • overhead cranes 10–40 mtns
  • long and short term lease
  • harbor services for import/export

And more! Located in Taalintehdas, a historical factory town by the Archipelago Sea, about 80 kilometers from Turku.

Interested? Contact YardMate:

Photos by Dalsbruks Fabrik