Meriaura at YardMate meetup

By 5.9.2019News

Sustainability, flexibility and innovations. Esko Pettay, Operator, Sustainable Development and Weather at Meriaura, was YardMate September meetup’s keynote speaker. Meriaura as a company, reducing logistic chain emissions, what Meriaura needs from their current and future suppliers and much more. Esko held our interest! 

We also heard from YardMate working for the network at BALTEXPO 2019, and the Hospital Ships Re-imagined project. 

YardMate and some member companies participated in the project kickoff forum, and the group of interested members that have special expertise to offer is growing.

Thank you, Esko, thanks again Manu Events for the meetup venue, and thanks to all the attendees, older and newer members!

Photos by YardMate