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Spaces, their design, functionality and aesthetics. A small office, a ship common area or a full office block. Meet our member Arkkitehtitoimisto Sabelström Arkitektkontor Oy.

Photos by Annika Perho

Who are you?
Pia Sabelström, architect and owner of an architecture and interior design office Arkkitehtitoimisto Sabelström Arkitektkontor Oy. I studied architecture and lived for a while in Tampere but Turku with its beauty and unique archipelago drew me back to my hometown and I´m so happy about that solution.

I have had my own company since 2004 and love this work. It is so inspiring to work with new people with their way different projects.

What is your company specialized in?
We, with four architects and two interior designers, try to make our clients work spaces and living environments suitable, comfortable and best for their needs. We are for example changing old buildings into something totally new, inventing new uses to old worn out spaces or improving existing conditions into something more, functional and inspiring.

We have also had some interior projects in naval industry, designing cabins, common areas and choosing the materials and items that comply with marine requirements and style. We work in very close relationship with our clients and want our design last more than just a glimpse.

Tell us about your clients?
The range of our clients is anything from small companies to big international corporations. We serve all our clients with top priority, disrespective of the project size. We have been lucky to have some of our clients year after year, like Nokia Salo at their time, If Insurance company, Veritas Insurance company, Åbo Akademi, Senaatti-Kiinteistöt, Turku City, Cloetta, Almaco, Projecta Oy, and now we also work for Meyer Turku.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
Even the smallest interior design issues to larger companies headquarters interiors can be delivered by us… restaurants, vip-areas, office spaces, lobbies. We also work daily with projects that need a building permission and with bigger changes and enlargements. As a result you get inspiring and modern spaces for your company to operate in.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
Good and long relationships and so that the partners could all benefit this co-operation.

What are your future needs
a) regarding personnel?
We are in need of skillful persons; architects, interior designers etc. – both experienced and younger ones eager to learn – to expand our wonderful work community.

b) regarding sub-contractors and partners?
New interesting and challenging projects 😊. Every project opens a world for us where there is something new to explore.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
Turku shipyard has always been a prominent feature in my life. My father and father-in-law had their lifelong careers there, myself and my sister have had summer jobs there and many of my friends have built their profession around the shipbuilding industry. The past, present and no doubt the future of the shipyard is and will be visible in a great way in Turku, in its architecture and the city life.

You often take beautiful functioning spaces as granted and rarely think of the masses of skilled design that enables it all. It was great to meet Pia, and think that thousands of people, myself included, have walked, worked, travelled or lived inside the concrete results of her company’s design.