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Meet Niilo and Mervi from SOL Henkilöstöpalvelut, a company where people matter. At YardMate member SOL the recruiter gets hands-on experience on the job they recruit for, to get a proper understanding on the job requirements and – of course – the best candidate match.

Who are you?
Niilo Kemppe, CEO and company founder in 2006. I sold the company in 2009 to SOL family company, which was when the name changed to SOL Henkilöstöpalvelut (SOL Personnel Services) and I became the director. My retirement time is getting close and we have decided to pass on the CEO title to the next generation. I shall take on Account director role in the company.

Mervi Santavuori, Service Manager in the larger Turku area. I am responsible for customer care and new customer acquisition.

What is your company specialized in?
We provide personnel services. We for example bring workforce from EU countries and outside EU to the whole of Finland, also taking care of the immigration process.

Tell us about your clients?
We have key customers in metal industry, marine industry and ICT.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
Quality employees for industrial areas, including office personnel.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
We are happy to provide recruiting services to any YardMate members. You can trust our quality. Our customer satisfaction is 99,8 % based on regular customer satisfaction surveys. Call Mervi Santavuori at +358 40 124 7336, I am happy to meet you!

What are your future needs regarding partners?
We shall be needing accommodation services to the employees that will be moving to Turku area to work for our customers.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
We are the 8th largest personnel service company in Finland, with 52.1 M€ turnover in 2017. There is a reason why we have achieved this. We truly are different in the way we work, let us come and tell you how!

SOL Henkilöstöpalvelut is a company where not only customer but also employee satisfaction reaches top scores. One could see it so clearly during the interview, watching Niilo an Mervi complement each other telling excitedly about the elements the company uses to ensure its service quality, both towards the customer and the hired workforce. Meet Mervi and see for yourself!

Photos by SOL Henkilöstöpalvelut and Annika Perho