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Enthusiastic and systematic in her work, open for new ideas and full of spirit, just like her workplace – meet Pia Neffling from Turku City Theatre

Who are you?
Pia Neffling, love to work in Turku City Theatre, responsible for b2b and group sales. Right now I’m going in the right direction getting good self-confidence in being me. A realistic self-knowledge, “pros and cons”, give me tools to improve myself in personal and working life. I have a lot of “sisu” (guts) and it is also my best side in sales. My success is also based on great teamwork with my fantastic colleagues here at the theatre.

Sales is important to me – it is always about people and cooperation. It is not just commercial activities but more a way of thinking – good attitude is needed. It is true that a salesperson tries to affect other people. But, somehow, we all do it in our everyday lives. More important is how I do it and this is my key in constantly growing as a sales professional.

What is your company specialized in?
Turku City Theatre is more like an event house. Our main purpose and speciality is to offer quality and versatile theatre experiences for people. But we are also a rendezvous and organize events like congresses, trainings and celebrations.

Our theatre is situated in a stunning scenery by the River Aura at the heart of the city. Theatre shows, new event facilities and our location are great reasons to come to visit us.

The year 2018 was a great success in Turku City Theatre. We are truly grateful for all the 140 000 viewers, who made the success.

Our versatile repertory is the main attraction to come and feel theatre world yourself. We have about 150 skilled and passionate employees. The genres and styles of the productions vary from comedy to drama, from Finnish plays to Broadway musicals, from classics to the newest contemporary plays.

Tell us about your clients and other key shareholders and partners?
Turku City Theatre is one of the Finland’s biggest theatres. We offer about 1000 seats for viewers in theatrical days and 400 shows a year – a great amount of supply. That`s why we like to think that everyone in Finland are of course our clients. However, our important customers can be found very close, in Southwest Finland.

The main and largest customer-group is the individual persons. We like to offer excellent ticket service to our key partners by cooperation.

Group sales is something we constantly improve in an active and dynamic way. This is one of my core responsibilities. Live theatre’s popularity is rising and people are very interested in our offering. A theatre experience is a great way for groups to enjoy something together – having fun together, to be remembered lifelong.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
Our product is a live charisma experience for you. What you see is only a tip of an iceberg. We are a factory and produce quality theatre. The ticket you buy for yourself or your group contains high quality and passionate group work. I specialize in group tickets and interval serving. I love to help you with all reservations and we are happy to offer YardMate members a 3 € discount from basic prices of our own plays in 2019.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
Openminded networking!

What are your future needs regarding sub-contractors and partners?
I am pleased to give ideas for free time to members. Please call me, Pia Neffling, at +358 40 574 6796.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
Thank you very much that we have the opportunity to be a YardMate member!

And we thank Turku City Theatre for joining us! They offer something precious for our member network’s work life balance – food for thought from a totally different perspective, great relaxation, a multitude of choices in the 400 shows a year.

Photos by Annika Perho and Esko Aarre-Ahtio (Theatre by night)