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Only an hour drive from Turku, Dalsbruks Fabrik in Taalintehdas is in full speed shaping their industrial facilities to cover for the growing space requirements in marine and other industries. Learn more from Kenneth Nordell and Göran Eriksson, below.

Who are you?
Kenneth Nordell, technical manager (below right). I am responsible for facilities, modifications and letting.
Göran Eriksson, managing director (below left). My range of responsibilities cover facilities, cluster creation etc.

What is your company specialized in?
We have industrial facilities including infrastructure to let, approximately 25.000 sqm for heavy industry or logistics, in combination with commercial harbor that has 8-meter deep official fairway.

Our facilities can be described as an industrial business center. We offer excellent conditions to our tenants, including electricity from our own electrical substation.
We are located in Taalintehdas in Kemiönsaari municipality, about 80 kilometres from Turku.

Tell us about your clients?
We are a new business – our facilities are taken into new use after former steel industry. Our clients will be private companies, for example from marine and heavy industry. We expect synergy effects for the companies!

Our SW-region has a long shipbuilding history. If your company needs to expand, Dalsbruks Fabrik has excellent facilities, and in Taalintehdas and its surroundings there are skilled industrial workers plus a number of good housing solutions available.

What services or products do you offer to other YardMate members?
We offer flexible facilities for industrial, productional or/and logistic use. Our total floor area is about 25.000 sqm, average height 10–12 metres, overhead cranes 10–40 mtns. We offer long and short term lease. We can offer you a cost-effective solution, also if you have spillover situations and project bound need of facilities for a shorter period.
We also have harbor services for import/export.

Call Kenneth Nordell at +358 40 822 8467 to learn more about Dalsbruks Fabrik’s offering.

What are your expectations for YardMate?
We expect contacts to yard related companies, creating new networks and business relations. We wish YardMate network to act as an information link; when you know each other’s companies the referrals can be two-way.

What are your future needs regarding personnel, sub-contractors and partners?
Our future needs depend on upcoming tenants, to whom our first spaces will be available in spring 2019. We have already started discussions with a number of potential tenants.

Anything else you wish to say to us?
We are pleased to be in a forum that clearly focuses in marine industry and we expect to form business relations with the member companies.

And I expect to see Dalsbruks Fabrik’s business bloom as they are a perfect answer to the facility needs of the Finnish industrial business expansion! With a rare combination of flexible industrial space, a harbor at your doorstep, moderate-cost housing nearby – and even potential of employees from an area with a long marine history.

Photos by P.Järvinen / Dalsbruks Fabrik and Annika Perho