Meyer Turku shipyard and subcontractors excel! Mein Schiff 6 being presented in video

By 2.8.2017News

Mein Schiff 6 luxury cruise ship contains nearly anything you can think of! A basketball court, a running track, gourmet restaurants, a gigantic auditorium… link: Turun Sanomat newspaper video shows us around “the small luxury town”.

image: Meyer Turku press photo

Did you know that the shipyard builds the hull of the ship, and the rest is being subcontracted? Meyer Turku is a fabulous organizer, and a cruise ship the result of hundreds of companies and thousands of specialists collaborating.

New, more luxurious and comprehensive cruise ships are already being built, and specialists and service providers are needed. What part of shipbuilding industry your company could serve? Via our network you can find and create new opportunities.

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